Personalized Wrappers

I have been prepping for my daughters 6th birthday party lately, and thought I would show you a sneak peek of one of the details. The theme she wanted is fairy and all things pink.
Here is a candy bar wrapper that I made to put over a caramilk bar as one of the treat bag goodies!
So easy, but just the right touch. I took Maiya outside with her cute pink coat and gave her some pink balloons to hold to make it more "party-ish"
Then I took that picture into Photoshop and made it into a thank you label for on top of the chocolate bar.
I just cut the photo using an oval shape in PS and then added small paintbrush dots along the edge on a seperate layer for the "doily" effect. I did not do that perfectly, but good enough! Text in a cute party font, and it's ready for printing!

I took off the wrappers from the caramilk bars and measured them to some scrapbooking paper that I liked. I wrapped it around the caramilk bar and taped it on the back. Then I glued the label on top.
Super easy, and WAY cuter than the caramilk wrapper. You can do this for any chocolate bar that has foil underneath. Even Rolos :)
more to come for this party. Check back later! :)


Amanda said...

How do you find the time girl??? Absolutely perfect and SO cute! Love these!!!!

Just4uPhotography said...

This is an Awesome Idea!!!!! Nikols Birthday is next month,I think i may have to copy this idea from you :) She also wants Pink. But Pink and Princesses

Angela from what would angela do? said...

Thanks girls!! I'm glad you like them :)

Aunt Peg's said...

Completely adorable and sooo creative! Thank you for sharing!

eskygirl said...

Thank you so much ( sigh) just not that swift with photo shop so may need help with a 20 something nephew lol but will try.but then there is always Kinkos isn't there?

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