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So I have become an enormous Pinterest addict these days. I just find so many awesome ideas on there. It's like google for crafters (and more). Anyways, I decided that whenever I try something that I pinned onto my pinterest, I would do a pinterest pin up to show you the fun ideas I find there. If anyone wants to follow me on Pinterest, just click here. If you aren't already on pinterest, you can comment on here with your email address and I can send you an invite (yes, you need an invite, but it is awesome).

So I did two pinterest projects from my "Fun Food" board. I tried out a fun idea for drawing pancakes. I used a cleaned out syrup bottle to pour my pancake batter into.
Then I let the kids each make their own designer pancakes by using this bottle to draw whatever shape they wanted their pancake to be. 

Here are 2 creations. A heart with an arrow through it.

and a ghost with marshmallow and chocolate chip eyes.

There are so many possiblities. The kids had a blast making their own dinners. You could get even more creative with colouring and other accents. Here was the original pinterest pin with really cute ideas, but more work.

It makes for a fun breakfast (or dinner in our case this time)
I also want to make these pancakes one morning because they are so cheery and healthy too.

Then I decided to try out these root beer float popsicles. Here is how they were supposed to look:

You use root beer first, then a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, milk and vanilla and then another layer of rootbeer. I guess I didn't let each layer freeze long enough because it all mixed together into one solid popsicle, but I will say that it tasted really good like a root beer float. Here is how mine turned out:

No pretty layers, but it was yummy! Next time if I try it I will leave each layer longer to freeze.

I hope you enjoyed my pinterest pin up, and maybe we'll see you over there pinning stuff! I warn you's ADDICTIVE!


Balaboosta Baby said...

YUM! said...

I love the pancake idea. Thanks for that since I was wondering what to make the kids for dinner tonight :)

Momma Juj said...

Such a cute idea! My girls always ask me to make bunny pancakes, but it always ends up looking like a, well, "pancake".

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