It's Valentine's Day!

While this is not the only day you should celebrate love, it's nice to have a day dedicated to love. Not only love for your spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend...but for others in your life who you love. This year Grant and I agreed to make something for eachother rather than spending a lot of money on gifts. I'm not a person who needs gifts, I would much rather have somebody DO something for me. My husband got creative and decided to paint something for me. He does not paint, but just started playing around with the paints. This is what he came up with for me:
I loved how he put a few lines from love songs on it. I thought this was a very thoughtful gift from him. He also gave me another gift that he knew I would REALLY appreciate. He cleaned the bathroom downstairs (mostly the boys use it, and you know what that means...) and I was sooo happy about that. I was dreading getting to THAT bathroom.

I decided to use the "10 things" I love about you idea that I had posted in my valentines post earlier. Instead of making a book though (I didn't get the right supplies) I just posted them all on the wall.

It was fun.
#1 ~ You're always there for me
#2 ~ You make me laugh!
#3 ~ You're the BEST Dad EVER!
#4 ~ You know how to have FUN!
#5 ~ You are HOT!
#6 ~ You are not afraid to try new things.
#7 ~ You are who you are, wherever you are.
#8 ~ You support us all in our goals and dreams.
#9 ~ You're the coolest nerd I know. I love being nerdy with you!
#10 ~ You're a good listener and you always know what to say. You're such a hard worker.

I packed the kids lunches for school today Valentines style:
(Please ignore the brown looking banana,'s what's on the inside that counts right???!!)

I have plans to make a red and white dinner tonight, complete with heart straws. No date tonight though...hubby and I went out during the week because he works tonight.

What are you doing special for Valentines day?

On another note, I thought it fitting to also post about my favourite romance author. I love reading books of all genres, it's a great escape and sooo relaxing. Her name is Marcia Lynn McClure and you can browse her books here . I don't typically read romance novels, but hers are CLEAN!!! That is major for me. I love how she can tell a story that gives you butterflies just from the hand holding and kissing, no graphic details about things that are better left to the bedroom. I love all of the ones I have read, and my sisters and I often trade off books of hers that we own to get our "Marcia Fix" haha!
My very favourite book of hers is still:
I don't know what it is about it, but I can read it over and over. (I don't typically like to read things over and over...same goes with movies, but this one is certainly an exception)

I hope you all celebrate this day full of love, no matter whether or not you have a date!

6 comments: said...

I made cinnamon buns for breakfast with pink icing and we'll be having cream soda floats for dessert. Josh and I went on a date on Sat. to Swiss Chalet. Love your ideas.

Angela said...

Yum!!! Sounds like fun (and I LOVE cinammon rolls)

Charity said...

Cute lunch! I had thought of doing something for my kids, but didn't get around to it. I posted what I did today on my blog though, go check it out:)

Angela said...

I checked it out, cute ideas :)

Neener said...

Love the lunch Angela. We had RED enchiladas for dinner on Pink heart plates. Made cupcakes and well read my blog and you can find out the rest.
I love your new blog. You have great ideas. So do your sisters.

Angela said...

I will go check out your blog right now :)

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