Partying Mario Style!

My sister, Chelsea, did a party for her sons 4th b-day! He LOVES "Mario", so she decided to make that the theme of the party.
It was meant to be an outdoor party, but it poured that day, so she ended up doing it inside. She made these cute invitations with cardstock and sheet foam:

She put colourful balloons, hung printouts of the mushrooms and Gumba characters.

I loved her coin boxes. Such a cute addition. Her original idea was to use the coin boxes for pinata's and hang them from trees.

She made up a "Yoshi Egg Hunt" which I thought was such a cute idea. She used easter eggs, and painted little white dots, and put little candies in them.
Here is a picture of her cupcakes she made to look like the mushrooms from the game.
She put white chocolate wafers on top.

She also made up a game of "Pin the moustache on Mario and Luigi"
 Her treat bags were simple, but bright and stayed with the theme.


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