School Break Fun! Back to Reality :)

Just some different ideas that I had been thinking of to get the kids being creative and having some fun together during their break. Who knows which ones I will do over the break, but I thought I would share my "knock off" ideas with you all.
I had thought of using "Reality" Shows and forming them into activities for the kids.
(A lot of these ideas would also be really fun to do as adults with a bunch of friends too!)

Reality Knock off #1 ~

For "What Not to Wear", I thought it would be fun doing a fashion show with the kids. Not just any old fashion show though. For this one you would have categories. The nerdiest outfit contest, comfiest outfit, funniest outfit, most creative outfit, scariest outfit etc. You would tell them the category, and they would go off to find things that they think work best for that category. You could take pictures for fun, and have music. Just some silly fun.

Reality #2 ~
For "Cake Boss" you could give each child their own mini cake. Offer different decorating items and different colours of icing (if you're really brave, marshmallow fondant can be fun to build things with, but it can also be a bit of a pain). You could either just decorate cakes together, or you can have a little contest to see who can come up with the most creative cake etc..
Reality #3 ~
For "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" I had thought of giving the kids a cardboard box. Give them some scraps of material, coloured paper, markers, felt, egg cartons, really anything you can think of. Then get them to create their own dream room or house made out of whatever they can find.
Reality #4 ~

For "Minute to Win It" you could come up with any number of tasks. You need to complete the task in 60 seconds.  Here are some ideas for tasks that can be used for the challenges, or make up your own according to skill levels in your home.

Reality #5 ~ 
Okay so "Wife Swap" sounds a little odd for something to do with your kids, but I turned the idea into "Role Swap". The kids get to trade places with Mom for the day (or however long you decide). This could be to your benefit. The kids get to be the boss for a bit. You could let them choose the meals and make them (you could end up with some very interesting meals that day) they could choose their bedtime, and whatever other choices you find appropriate. You can also hope that they will send you to bed for a nap ;)
Reality #6 ~
For "Canadian Idol" you can hold a talent show. Each child could come up with an act whether it be singing, dancing, magic, stunts, lip synching or a short play. Whatever they can think of to perform. Videotape it if you'd like.
Reality #7 ~
This is one I actually want to do with a bunch of friends. I think it would be so fun. (In warmer weather would be nicer to go out in cars and do the race around town) For the kids though, you could set up your own amazing race throughout the house. You could set up different tasks and clues around the house, and have a prize for the winner who gets to the finish first.
Reality #8 ~ 
For "Fear Factor" you don't need to be as extreme as the real thing. You could give them foods that look gross, but aren't, who will eat the green eggs. A certain vegetable that no one likes, see who will brave it. You could choose to set up a fear factor lunch, and whoever braves the most items wins.
Reality #9 ~ 
I've never actually seen this show, but when I saw the title I thought it could be used for a local tour of your own city or area. "Angela's Alberta" haha! Become a tourist in your own area by checking out places in your area that you've never been to. Who knows, you might find the best little mom and pop pizza place, a cool local theatre, a store you never really noticed before, a community event that you typically wouldn't attend, or even just driving around the countryside or the city.
These ideas can be as elaborate or simple as you choose. The point is just to find something fun and different to do together as a family to create some fun memories. One of my favourite things I remember doing as a family when I was younger was putting on plays. My Mom would tell us to come up with something (some of us wore costumes, added music etc) and she would tape them. We would also do it with some of our neighbourhood friends. I loved doing that!


Jesse said...

Good, I was just thinking of what I can do with the kids this next week. Thanks, I like the mom swap, and I am sure my kids would LOVE to be the boss! And the cake decorating, well who wouldn't like that!!

Angela said...

Good luck with your adventures with the kids this week :)

Meg and Rob said...

Ange You are AWESOME!! These are GREAT! I am totally going to do fear factor, and Role swap. My sister in vic is even following your blog now!

Angela said...

Fun, you'll have to let me know what you end up serving for Fear Factor :)

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