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So I have been doing pretty good at planning out my meals, and I must say that it has lessened the burden of cooking for me (anyone who knows me, knows this is my least favourite "chore"). I like that I don't have to think about it or wonder if I have the right groceries. If there's prep that needs to be done, I am aware of it in the morning, and not when the kids are walking through the door after school. The other day, I made up my own meal chart for the week. I did it in Photoshop. It's much more attractive than the ratty piece of paper that was stuck to the side of my fridge with a magnet with scribbling on it.
If you like it, go ahead and print it off. All you have to do is click on the picture above. It will show up in a new window. Then you right click on that, and you can either click "print picture" or "save picture as" and then print it off from your computer that way.

After I printed it off, I put it inside a picture frame.
Add a bow or other decor if you feel like it, or don't...either way is good.
Then you just use a dry erase marker to write down your dinner ideas for that week (saves paper, printer ink, and garbage).

You could doodle around the edges if you want , or add some reminders.

Here is a menu planner board that I just love, from All things Beautiful
My sister, Charity runs that blog. Check it out. Lots of fun ideas for using old things to create new creative things.
Any favourite recipes you have that I might add to my inventory of new things to try?? We seem to have the same things often, so new EASY ideas are always welcome (I am truly stressing the "easy" because I pretty much hate cooking)


Charity said...

Cute! I am surprised you would do something so cutesy!! I don't know what that is supposed to mean you did before... anyways, I am surprised this came out of you. Don't take any offense, I don't know how to be articulate.

Angela said...

haha, best comment ever! :) said...

Did I ever give you the bacon risotto recipe? Super easy and when we had it at our house when we babysat the kids seemed to like it.

Angela said...

No, but I remember you talking about it. Send it my way for sure. Sounds yummy!!

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