Creating My Own Sunshine!

I can't say that I have EVER loved winter. I don't like winter activities, hate being cold, all of the extra gear that needs to be purchased so my little snowmen can go to outside and go to school, starting up cold vehicles ahead of time so your windshield has time to defrost (I'm just not cool enough to have a remote car starter) driving on slippery, mucky roads etc... About the only things I like about winter are Christmas and..... and...... hmmm...I'm drawing a blank!  Spring comes super late here in Alberta. You typically wait until June for an official spring. I know, I know....why on earth do I live here?! I don't know what it is exactly that makes me so loyal to Alberta but I love it here. Anyways, these days I have been creating my own sunshine. It all started out with a need for a change of colour in my main area. I like the colours I have for winter, but decided that I need to change it up for spring and summer. Here is my little piece of inspiration that made me decide to go this colour:

You can download it if you'd like. Just right click on it. This is a full sized file.

I saw this quote, and played with it in photoshop on a particularly gloomy, grey boring winter day.
After I printed it off, the wheels were turning in my head. I decided spring needed to come much earlier than June in this house, and that I was going to create my own sunshine.
So I have slowly been adding some ideas (and by slowly, I mean I went out and bought a few things that very day)

I will be switching out my curtains for some breezy, nearly transparent curtains. More light, a "flowy" feel..more peeping toms?? Just kidding. Nothing to see here we have blinds :)
Anyways, we are still renters so we are not able to paint beyond neutral colours (which is probably a good thing, since my mind changes so often). Here are a few accents I have been adding to the mix.
I put the quote in a clear plastic frame from the dollar store, and put a yellow lantern beside it (it seemed fitting) also from the dollar store.

I purchased some bright yellow pillows, some flowers that I liked, a yellow mat for those flowers as well as some decorative balls... (I'm planning on redoing my table black, we'll see what happens with that project once the weather turns MUCH nicer!)
Now I just need to give my cream leather couches a good cleaning. Those bright yellow cushions have shown me how neglected those couches have been.
I have pictures that I did in the summer of my children, all in yellow and white to go on the walls.

I also have a fun idea for a few more prints for my livingroom, but since we've been in a deep freeze for a while here now, I haven't had a chance to play with that idea. I will post it here when I complete it (if I like it, haha)
I bought these little birds from the dollar store as well, with the intention to make them yellow as well (oh dear, I've gone crazy with the yellow..) and to add a bit of a dusting of white. They are going to be on a brown shelf in my kitchen, and it needs some colour. I had also thought of mimicking my sister, Chelsea, with her mod podge idea. I LOVE the bird she has on her shelf. She took pages from books to cover her bird. I think sheet music would also look really cool on it. Here is the picture of her bird: (this pic was taken at Christmas, hence the christmas balls on her shelf)
Isn't it adorable? Those old books give it just the right touch too. My sisters and my Mom are super creative and always inspire me. I have good genes ;)


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