Yellow, Popcorn and Art...

So this is quite the random posting mixed with yellow, popcorn and art (like the title says)
First off let's start with the yellow.
I have been loving adding sunshine to my house through adding bits of yellow here and there. It really brightened the place up. I ended up getting a few more things the other day.
This birdcage that I saw and fell in love with. This has dual purposes, decorative as well as a photo prop for my photo shoots. (The trunk underneath also serves both purposes. I bought that at a liquidation centre when I was out on a girls days with my Mom and sisters. Charity pointed it out to me, knowing that I have been coveting hers and Chelsea's trunks)
I filled the birdcage with some decorative bits and pieces, pinecones and yellow decorative balls to add that touch of yellow (from the dollar store).

My next purchase....2 more throw pillows to accent my bright yellow ones. I LOVE these (we shall see how long the yellow cushions last in a house with 6 kids) What do you think?
I went to the thrift store to see if they had anything that I could use,and I found this cute decorative tealight holder. I bought taller yellow tealights to accent it.
Cute find! Then I printed off another saying for my kitchen and put some decorative balls beside it. Frame from the dollar store. (This saying suits my kitchen perfectly...not because I burn everything, but my burners always get stuff in the drip trays and then when I am cooking it burns, and smells like I am burning dinner. Also our smoke alarm is ultra sensitive...true story!)
Now onto the "Popcorn" part of the post.
I came across this great idea over on the Best Bites Blog. It is for using regular popcorn kernels and making your own, healthier microwave popcorn. Loved the idea, and had to try it out.
You just use a brown paper bag, and 1/4 cup of poprcorn kernels.
I poured the kernels into the bag, folded the top of the bag over twice. Put it in the microwave on the popcorn setting. (I just do it until I hear the popping pretty much stop)
and VOILA!
Popcorn minus all the extra chemicals and stuff. You can add your own salt and butter afterwards. Cool, simple idea eh?!

Now onto the Art portion of the post.
Anyone who knows my eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, knows how much she LOVES Archie comics and is always drawing. Look at this awesome painting she did recently. My husband liked it so much that he framed it. He had given the kids canvases one day and told them to go ahead and paint whatever they felt like. This was hers.
I love her style. She liked playing with the strokes of the brushes.
I decided to personalize a sketch pad that I had recently got from the dollar store.
So here is what I started with:
Mod Podge, a cardboard "k" some of her well used archie comics (you don't need that many, but these were in a recycling pile because they were so beat up and missing pages)
This was the final result:
I just cut out a bunch of strips, squares and character names. I mod podged them to the cover of the sketch book. Then I mod podged over the top, to seal it. I added the "K" with a glue gun.
Something simple, but fun and personal. I was a huge Archie comic fan growing up.


Ashley and Caleb said...

I LOVE the yellow stuff! I am in love with yellow and gray right now so everything is so CUTE! Good shopping by the way....sounds like you got bargains on all that cutie stuff.

Angela said...

Thanks! It feels like spring in my house now, even though the snow is piled high outside :)

Charity said...

I love the lantern (obviously!), and the cushions are awesome. It definitely looks cheery and refreshing!! And I like the painting Kaitlyn did, so cute!!

Angela said...

I will let Kaitlyn know. She would love to hear that from someone who paints so well :)

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