A Lamp with just the right amount of girly!

So I have been playing around with rosettes lately. There are sooo many things you can do with them. In this case, I went to Value Village with my sister the other day and spotted this lamp ~
I knew what I was going to do with it as soon as I saw it. It was only $1.99. Plain white, perfect size for a little girls room, and plastic. You can buy these new at IKEA for $4.99 (or you could use another lamp altogether. This just suited my purpose). Then I started making rosettes. Here is a basic tutorial on how to make them:
Step1~ Find some fabric. For a lamp project you will need a much bigger piece unless you are just going to put a few roseetes on. In this case, I covered the entire shade. I like the thicker fabric because it made bigger rosettes for the amount of material. I also used some plain white fabric to add accent to the blue, and a different texture.
Just cut a strip as long as you want. The bigger the strip, the bigger the rosette.

Step 2~ Put some glue down the middle partway down. Fold the top left side of your fabric into the centre and push down.

Step 3~ Add glue down the middle partway on top of the piece you just folded over. Now fold the top right side over it, to look like example 3. You then add a strip of glue partway down the middle again, and start rolling it (like a sleeping bag). This will be the middle of your rosette.

Step 4~ Once you have the middle, you now take the rest of your fabric and start twisting it. You keep wrapping it around as you are twisting, gluing every so often to keep it there.

Step5~ When you come the end of your fabric, decide which side you want to be the good side. You attach the end of the fabric to the back of your rosette with some glue.

Ta-Da!! You have a rosette.
Here is my lamp after completing all of the rosettes. I just glued them with my glue gun to the shade.
My daughter loves it in her room. She also thinks it looks neat when it is turned on at night

You could do so many things with these rosettes.
You could make a simple headband by attaching them to a band with some felt underneath to hold the rosettes in position
You can attach them to picture frames, sew them on clothing, attach them to necklaces, on pillows/cushions, really anything you can think of. It adds a touch of girly-ness to anything. You can also try out different types of fabrics to get a bit of a different look, add little jewels, feathers, glitz. Wherever your imagination takes you.

What kinds of projects would you make with rosettes?!

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