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We all keep track of major events in our childrens lives with our cameras, but how about a little of that stuff we consider "the usual". I keep thinking about doing a "Day in the Life of..." for each of my kids, but just haven't.
I decided that I would try the other day with Tyson. I kept forgetting to pick up my camera for things as typical as mealtimes etc but got some of what goes on in a day for my little man. Next time I do it I might be more vigilent with the camera. I think it would be cool for kids to remember what a typical day was like for them, and to see things that were in their everyday life...unstaged. I will be doing this again with each of my kids.

1. wake up sleepyhead. This is how all of my boys wake up each day. They have a special blanket that they wrap around their head and body and drag up to breakfast.
2. Getting dressed
3&4. Doing hair

1. Relaxing to some cartoons with his sister and a boy I babysit.
2. Playing with weapons.
3. Riding his bike in the snow (what else would you do in Alberta?)
4. Doing "homework" on the computer (Starfall)

1. On a date with Mom to McDonalds. (my fave pic of the day)
2. Water was dripping on his head from the roof in this shot, lol.
3. Sliding down the slide at the playplace.
4. more playplace.

1. It wouldn't be a typical Tyson day without Roar!!
2. Slowing down at the end of the slide at the playplace.
3. Came home and fell asleep on the chair waiting for the school kids.
4. Still asleep an hour and a half later...

(These collages weren't completely in sequence. I kind of lumped them into groupings...getting ready, activities, mom date, end of day)

One day just follow your kid around and snap shots every so often. Sure you might get some weird glances when you pop up in their classroom window playing paparazzi Mom (haha), and maybe your kids will think you strange....but one day, this might mean alot to them. Things look normal now to you, but years down the road, you may think ( oh, I had forgotten about that favourite blankie, or how the kitchen looked in the background, the funny face that was so typical for them at that stage in life)

I'm all about pictures, so maybe it's just me....but, maybe not :)


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I hadn't thought about doing this for Linc but I should!

Lori said...

These are great Angela!!

Charity said...

It's like a picture journal! I like it. I think I am going to have to try this:)

Angela said...

@ Sandy and Charity ~It would be even more fun in the summer, winter days are mainly spent inside. I'd love to see yours if you ever end up doing it.

Angela said...

@ Lori, thanks :D

The Gunny Sack said...

Great pictures!! My son used to love to ROAR too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Momma Juj said...

I love your ideas Ang!!

Angela said...

Thanks ladies :D
I love hearing from you!!!

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