Springtime Fun!!!

Today I was figuring out something to do with the younger kids to keep them entertained. I save some of my bulbs that burn out, and typically will let the kids make christmas decorations out of them. This time, I figured spring would work just as well.
These are what I came up with. At first I brought out a few supplies.

I grabbed a sheet of bright, fun looking scrapbook paper, an egg carton (I keep some of those too...they are perfect for fitting the light bulbs in so you have a stand for them while you work on them) a paint brush and some mod podge.
I cut thin strips of scrapbook paper and stuck them to the bulb. After the bulb was covered I mod podged over the whole thing to protect it.

I then tried 2 other methods that I hadn't planned on. I painted one bulb yellow and added some paper flowers I had on hand. Then I mod podged blue tissue paper to the last one and added some more paper flowers to it as well.
Then it was time for some ribbon to finish it off and allow them to hang.
The kids had fun painting their bulbs as well...
Here is my daughters finished project that she was very proud of. I loved it too.
(and yes, she is wearing her sweater like a cape....don't all girls do that??)

Easy little project. For me, the easier the better!

I came across some cute ideas while cruising the net that I thought I should share. I would like to try these out sometime:
Here is one from the Meet The Dubiens blog. (Check it out for further instructions)
Rainbow Shaving Cream Bath Paint!
How fun would this be?!!!

Photo taken from "Meet the Dubiens" blog.
How about this cute idea from the Sun Scholars blog for an easter surprise. What a fun idea to do as a family! I need to go egg someones house now!!! For more details and a printable note to add, check out the blog.

Photo taken from the Sun Scholars blog.
How about this super easy, yet fun spring craft for kids from the Frugal Family Fun blog. I love all of the bright blossoms and colours. I know I will be doing this after I go get a few more colours of tissue paper.
Photo taken from Frugal Family Fun blog.
One more really fun idea that you could do in the spring or summer, depending on how the weather is where you are. This idea for paint popsicles was found at Under the Sycamore. For details on how to make these, visit the Under the Sycamore blog.

Photo taken from the "Under the Sycamore" blog.
Have fun trying out a few, or all, of these fun ideas!!!


Jill said...

Thanks so much for including my rainbow bath paint Angela! The other crafts look fabulous!

Little Brick Ranch said...

Adorable!! Thanks for commenting on my kitchen post! :) If you get a sec, pop back over to Little Brick Ranch to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! Just make sure to leave a comment on the giveaway post and you'll be entered!! :) I’ll give you a hint...Homes, Food, and all things Frugal!!

Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

Thanks so much for sharing my EGGed post!! :) I love your blog!

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