Guest Post - Spring Trends with Jae @ How Not to Dress Like a Mom

Hey guys! It's Jae from How Not to Dress Like a Mom. Angela and I grew up together in Ontario, Canada and we still keep in touch (thank you, Facebook.) Our families were superclose and when she asked me to do a guest post on her awesome site, I was all over it. She gave me a few questions to answer and then we'll talk spring trends. Deal? K.

1.Tell us a bit about your awesome self:
Umm loaded question! I'm Jae, 26. I live in Utah, but I'm clearly a transplant from Canada. Utah is a weird place, but I love the slow pace. We have a lot of free time and we're very into recreation, which is AH-mazing down here in the desert mountains. I've been married for seven years and have two children, a five year old daughter and a two year old son. Who have become very accustomed to shopping, little dears.

2. How long has your blog been running for?
I started my blog back at the very end of 2008. I was pregnant for the second time and feeling kinda frumpy. Since then it's grown to the awesome fanbase that I have now. Love my readers!

3.Why did you decide to start a fashion blog for Moms?
Trust me, I don't think I'm some super fashionsita or anything. For one, I hate any word that ends in "-ista." But I do think I have a knack for dressing properly and in a flattering way. When my mom friends were constantly asking me what to wear and how to wear it, I decided to start a blog that answered those questions AND gave me the inspiration to put myself together on a daily basis. Also, I really want women to know that just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to put ALL of your energy into your kids and forget yourself completely. Too many moms harbor guilt if their kids don't look perfect, but never think about themselves. It doesn't hurt to be a little bit selfish for the sake of your self confidence.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from? Everywhere! One of my favorite things to do is people watch. It makes me so happy to see a mom with kids in tow who looks confident and comfortable in her skin, so I take a lot of fashion cues from people I see. I also keep up with a few fashion blogs, one of my faves being The Satorialist. I watch my favorite designers, like Tom Ford and Michael Kors, and I receive roughly 9,000 fashion magazines at my house each month. K, not really. But a lot. I love interpreting trends my own way, so they're realistic for moms who don't happen to live in hip Manhatten lofts.

5. How do you create your clothing sample photos?
I use, which I am obsessed with. Seriously, it's like playing paper dolls all over again. Its another way I can check on trends and see what's coming up as far as collections, because that site has EVERYTHING!

6. If there were only 2 clothing choices on the planet, and they happened to be sweat suits or sequin pants...which would you choose? Oh dear. I would have to say sweatpants ONLY because I know what it feels like to have to drive carpool on a rainy day and all you want to do is shove your hair in a baseball hat and wear yoga pants while you run errands. And honestly, with well-fitting hoodie and a cute graphic tee, it can actually be kind of presentable in a sporty (but not daily) way.

7. What is the absolute worst thing you've ever seen somebody wear? OMG. I was at the mall one day and saw a girl wearing sweatpant shorts and knee-high boots. Also, anything that Lady Gaga wears. I Have a well-documented vendetta against her and her antics.

8. Who is your fashion idol? I don't really know if I have any specifically. It's hard to relate to those who are on magazine covers and on the red carpet when you're doing laundry and yelling at your son to keep his toe out of his sister's ear. Although I will say that Mila Kunis has nailed it this awards season. If I could live my life in floaty formal dresses, I would.

9. What clothing item are you coveting right now?
Right now I'm in the market for more printed floral stuff. I love pairing a girly cardigan with my Frye boots because I like the juxtaposition of girliness and toughness. Also, I want more long skirts and short dresses for the warmer weather. I am always trying to get readers to wear more of them! I always say, the first time you wear a dress to like, playgroup everyone is going to be like "Why are you dressed up?" After a few more times, it becomes a more natural part of your casual wardrobe and sometimes dresses and skirts are just easier to wear.

Don't you feel like you know me so much better now?

K, now let's talk trends for the spring. I love brightening up my wardrobe come March and April. My husband hates my green cargo parka so I think he's happy when winter is over too. If you want to make your wardrobe look newer and more current without spending a lot of coin, look for key pieces that are on point for spring.

Preppy styles are back for spring, and they look so cute and crisp against dark denim. Look for polka dots and stripes in small doses. A cute headband? Perfect, and only around $3.

A huge 70s revival is back this year, which I'm pretty excited about. To wear this trend without looking like a disco barfed on you, try floral prints (see) paired with a vintage silhouette like this one.

No 70s revival would be complete without flared jeans. If you don't want to go too extreme, a higher waisted trouser will work too. These are SO forgiving on moms, especially if you still harbor some baby weight in the belly area, if you know what I mean. The higher waist makes your waist look tiny, and it's super cute when paired with a more structured top.

The best shoe for spring? Easily the wedge. They are super versatile, so you can wear them with your new jeans, skirts or even walking shorts when it warms up. I love wedges because they make my ankles look TINY. Extra points for bright colors... I'm looking for a yellow pair.

Finally, you're going to see long skirts everywhere. The trick to wearing them without looking too formal or pioneer-ish is to wear them with modern tops. A cardigan would be perfect. I like to wear my tiered skirt with a graphic tee, so it looks casual and not fuddy. Wedges look so cute with these AND reduce the risk of your skirt dragging around on the floor. I'm short. That's important.

So you should be up to date on your spring wardrobe. Remember that you don't have to obsess over trends. Just look for bright pieces that can be added to your wardrobe to update your look, without overhauling it completely.

Unless you need a complete overhaul. In which case, have a "Clueless" -esque makeover sequence. I've always wanted to do that...


Angela: Thanks Jae! You always make me laugh with your posts. I really love wedges too, and the feminine looking top you picked out was super cute. I checked out the Polyvore site you were talking about FUN!! I was having lots of fun mixing and matching.

Here is a set I came up with for spring that I think would be cute to wear. I don't have amazing fashion sense however, and would love to receive a "Jae Rating" out of 10 and a reason for the rating. Be honest, I am interested to hear your opinion :)

Spring Casual

Jae: Hey Angela! OK, that is a super cute outfit. I would give it an 8, and I'll tell you why. First, the belt at the waist is awesome and a perfect way to define the waistline. The trousers are completely on point and I love that bag. The only thing I would do differently would be a different color wedge! While I don't mind neutrals together, the black, white and denim color palette you've chosen is practically screaming for an accent color. You swap those wedges for something turquoise, and it's spot on. (It would also be sooooper cute with sequined flats too. Just sayin.)

Thanks for having me post over here, Angela!

Angela: You're right, coloured wedges would be perfect. Especially for when you are not holding your purse to add that touch of colour. I think I will be playing with more clothing options, that was lots of fun.

Thanks for "guesting" Jae! Everyone NEEDS to go check out her blog (No More Mom Jeans). She has a recent post about spring wardrobes, today she posted a hilarious ETSY post and her Lady Gaga stuff cracks me up everytime!!


Neener said...

I think I know who Jae is, I won't mention her real name here but... I am dying to know if I am correct. I am for sure buying some wedges this spring. FUN!!!
Nice post ladies.

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