Light Up the Dark: Sinks and Pies

Light Up the Dark:Week 2

This week, I need to share a couple of things that others have done for me, that have beyond made my day!
First of all....I have a LIST (don't we all?!) of things that need to be done around here. This list is not on the small side either. I have gone from room to room in each part of the house to see what needs to be repaired, replaced, changed, organized etc. This list can get overwhelming, especially when this list includes "fix-it" projects. I try to be handy sometimes, and I have really good intentions, but no experience in some areas. So these fix it projects are difficult for me.
So anyways, my brother called me from work because it was raining a lot (he was demolishing a house, and wanted to wait until the weather cleared up). He remembered that my sink in the upstairs bathroom was cracked when he visited last. So he offered to come over to replace it for me.
Needless to say, I was sooo excited! He came over, and it ended up that my sink job was a huge pain in the butt with a few different trips to the hardware store for pieces to make my new sink fit in properly. When it was done, I just wanted to stare at my uncracked sink!! It was such a wave of relief to have one more item crossed off my "to fix" list. This was a huge deal to me, and an amazing act of service that really helped me out! Yay for thoughtful brothers!!!

Just as I was typing up this post, there came a knock on my door....and to my surprise, there was PIE!!! A friend had written on her facebook status update all about these yummy pies she made for thanksgiving, and I jokingly requested some.
How thoughtful is it that she actually sent her husband over with several different slices of pie??!!! I was just so thrilled that someone would take the time like that to make my day that much brighter with such a thoughtful gesture!

This is what I will be sharing with my husband while we watch "The Amazing Race" together!!

Here's some more video inspiration for you:

What has been done to light up your "dark" this week? Love hearing your feedback :)


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