Angry Birds Birthday Party!

My son is obsessed with Angry Birds. It goes without saying that he wanted his party to have an angry birds theme. So, I started it all with this invitation. I found a blank invite online here and added my sons info onto it (altered for web safety) in photoshop. I added a photo of him as well with his angry birds hat on. The font that I used for the words was a free downloadable font found here.
Then came thinking of ideas for a goodie bag. I found these cute clear containers at the Dollarama and saw potential for making it fit the theme. I added red tissue paper inside to hide the contents, and to add the right colour I was looking for. I found some angry bird stickers at the dollar store for the final touch. Inside, I added a mini bag of cherry sours and stapled some cardstock to the bag saying "Angry Birds Eggs", two angry bird easter eggs with candy and stickers in them and then an angry bird tattoo. (For the sake of so much annoying repetition, I will just say AB in place of the word angy birds from this point on.) We also found some angry birds that were regularly $9.00 or so and they were on sale for $3.00, so we got one to add to all of the kids goodie bags. Gotta love a good deal!
I had lots of fun decorating (as usual). I used a red tablecloth as a background for the table. I got an angry birds calendar pretty inexpensive since it was past January when I bought it. I cut the characters out of the calendar and taped them to the background. For the TNT boxes, I just made those out of brown construction paper and drew on it with black permanent marker. The banner was made out of construction paper, permanent marker and ribbon to hang it on. Yes, I wrote Happy Bird-day! haha! Saw that one on pinterest and thought it was good for the theme!
For food we did the typical chips, and not so typical bird feed and bird beaks, haha!
For the cake, I just kept it really simple. Like "a child could have done it" simple. I bought one of those angry birds k'nex and put it on top of a very small cake. I wanted it to only be big enough to fit the decoration. Then I made a bunch of cupcakes and put angry bird eggs on them (mini eggs)
I wanted to make some rice krispie squares, but wanted them to fit the theme. So I decided to make them into the piggies. I added green food colouring to the marshmallow mix as it was melting on the stove so that the rice krispies would be green. I scooped the rice krispies into a greased muffin tin instead of a rectangle dish. This made the heads. I cut mini marshmallows in half and stuck them on for eyes. I used green icing (couldn't find any green gel at the store) to make the nose and mouth and the blue to dot the eyes. I later used one of the heads and pulled pieces off of it and put them on the other heads as ears. They stuck easily. While they turned out looking slightly creepy, they were still a hit.
I also decided to make the drinks piggy style! I bought some bottles of mountain dew and took the labels off of them. Then with my trusty permanent marker, I drew pig faces on them.
We even made his gifts angry bird themed. The funny part was when I added the yellow bird that I drew (isn't it beautiful? haha) my husband said it looked like Hitler. So apparently I just created a Hitler angry bird...nice!
For this game, we were on the piggies side. I taped green cups (with pig faces...that permanent marker came in so handy) to my coffee table, gave each child a straw and a cotton ball. They had 1 minute to get as many angry bird eggs (cottonballs) into the cup by blowing it across the table with the straw. A very simple but fun game for them.
Another game, was an egg hunt. They had to go hunt down these "angry birds" eggs, and whoever found the golden egg got a prize.
We also played a game that seems to be a family favourite done in different variations. For this party variation I decided to make all of the balloons green. I drew piggie faces on them and inserted a white paper egg in each balloon. We have a dart wall under the stairs of our house, and it is sooo perfect for doing this at parties since it already has so many holes in it. I pinned each balloon up and got the kids to line up to throw a dart and try to pop the balloon. (Don't worry, we were super careful with the darts) The idea was to save the eggs from the piggies and collect as many eggs as you can. The one with the most eggs saved, wins a prize.
I bought a few prizes from the dollar store, as well as some little red containers with some swedish berries in them (just add stickers, and you've got angry birds candy without the ridiculous price tag)
Another game we played had nothing to do with angry birds, but my son loves when we make lasers in the hallway to navigate through. He requested to do this for his party. We made it a timed event. I timed each child that went through, and whoever got it done quickest won the prize. I'm sure I could have made it fit the theme by placing challenges in it or adding eggs (represented by cottonballs) that they had to try not to knock over while going through, but they had fun enough with the way it was.
Overall, it was such a fun party.
He LOVED it!!!


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