Fairies and Everything Pink!

Yesterday we celebrated Maiya's 6th b-day. When I asked her a bit ago what type of party she wanted, she said "Fairies and everything pink" so that's what I did.
She made me feel so good, when she walked out in the morning and said "Wow, this is so beautiful Mom". Makes the work worth it.

I had purchased to big tissue paper pom poms, but after putting them together realized I could have easily made them myself. The "Happy Birthday" banner was made out of scrapbooking paper, cut into triangles  and then I printed off letter and cut them in circles. I hung the banner with twine.
I put a white tablecloth on the table. The pink tablecover is just wrapping paper draped down the middle. White wrapping paper on the wall and pink wrapping paper strip up the wall to match the table.

I decorated the cupcakes in pink and white and added some butterflies that I got from the dollarstore.

My favourite part of the cupcake display was my cute little bunny teapot.
We had some punch with "fancied up" glasses. I just put ribbon around the glasses and glued little butterflies to them. Oh, and pink straws, of course!

I made cones out of the same scrapbooking paper that I used for the banner. I filled those with popcorn. For the stand I used a shoe box, wrapped it in white wrapping paper and added a ribbon and a bow. I poked holes in the top so the cones could stand up in it.

Some of the treats:

I was lucky to get some easter candy on sale. It was 14cents/100g. The mini eggs were only 44 cents/100g. I put the candy in flower bowls, in a sugar bowl and my fave was the bird bath from the dollar store to put the mini eggs in.
I also made chocolate dipped strawberries and rolled them in heart sprinkles, and also had a bunch of fresh watermelon on a platter.

I had another little table set out with all of the fairy wings (each girl got one to wear at the party and keep)
as well as some flowers to make flower headbands (we ran out of time though and didn't get to do that activity)

All set up, and it was time for the party to start.
I decorated the entrance with just a few simple decorations.

After all of the girls arrived, I got a quick picture of Maiya with all of her guests.

They are all holding the wands I made for them. I did this by getting a flower top, an unsharpened pencil and some electrical tape. I would have used the green floral tape, but I couldn't find any for some reason and used the black tape instead. I also used some ribbons for some flare. I wrapped the black tape all the way up the pencil and around the ribbon and base of the flower.

The wands were on display here in the front entry. We used the wands for on of our games called "Fairy, Fairy, Fairy, Troll" (same as duck, duck goose). They would tap the wands lightly on each girls head as the called out fairy or troll.

We also played "freeze dance". Some of the girls were right into it, and some of them were too shy about it. They went on a fairy treasure hunt. I hid a bunch of chocolate coins in my treasure chest, and the clues were given in an "Eye Spy" style. We took those coins and added them to their treat bags.
I took the girls outside to take a picture of them to add to their goodie bags. I printed off the pictures and put them in pink frames (like the one displayed 2 pictures above).

Their treat bags consisted of the photo in a frame, their fairy wings, a bag with the fairy treasure (gold coins), a pink egg full of playdoh, the chocolate bars that I spoke about here, and a little tiara hairpiece.

Overall, it was a success. Maiya had a wonderful time with friends, fun food, games and got spoiled with gifts!

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Shannon said...

Your comment on my blog just made me smile. You have amazing style. I love the party decor and photos!

Angela from what would angela do? said...

Well your comment just made me smile. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your thoughts :)

Charity said...

Loved it!! Everything was so cute!

Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

So pretty - I'll bet they all loved it! Would love for you to link this to my Craftastic party:)

Jara said...

Wow Ang! What amazing talent you have! I am so impressed! Love the blog!

Angela from what would angela do? said...

Thanks so much for all of your nice comments :)

Ann said...

Angela, thanks for stopping by my blog! You were my first comment ever, I was so excited!
I came here to tell you this but then I found this birthday party... OMG! You have a gift! I wish I could pull off something like this. Not so pink though, I don't think my son would appreciate it much ;)
I'll be coming back for more, that's for sure!

Vivian said...

That is the cutest party! You are so talented. I love to throw parties!! Hope you don't mind I will be using some of your ideas here. SO CUTE! Thank you so much for stopping by the other day.

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